Donna McRae

A few words from my clients

quotes Donna McRae has been coaching me for the last three months. During that time I have experienced some amazing gains in my personal growth. Donna is intuitive and insightful and she has given me some very powerful tools. I've used these tools to move forward from a place I'd been stuck for a very long time into a new era of action and excitement. My hour with Donna is a high point in my week. I thoroughly recommend her.
-Susan C.

quotes Being a lifelong learner with a passion for personal growth, I have, at times, sought out wise counsel to reflect to me those things within myself that I have been unable to see clearly. Sometimes, I just need help getting "unstuck". Because I'm not new to the process, I have a very high level of expectation when it comes to choosing a coach to work with. Honestly, I'm quite persnickety. So much so that I demand that my coaches genuinely care about me and my well being from their heart - not their head. Ok, I'll say it - they have to love me.

Donna is one of those coaches. Not only does she have amazing tools and techniques that help release "stuff". She really cares. This isn't something that you can teach someone. It's innate. Donna uses her natural gifts of kindness and gentleness in a powerfully effective way to help get to the root of the problem. She's not a counselor. She doesn't analyze (thank goodness). Donna provides an environment which empowers the individual to discover the power and strength within. And once empowered, possibilities become reality. I would recommend Donna to anyone who wants to move past the fear and create a future full of promises.
-Barbara S.

quotes What I appreciate most about your coaching style, Donna, is how you always, always customize your guidance and help to me. Also, thanks to your wonderful insight and encouragement, I've learned how to not sabotage myself with defaulted negative thinking and, instead, reprogram my thinking to accomplish more of what I really want. Thanks with all my heart for all your help. You're an angel on earth for me!
-Anita H.

quotes Donna McRae was my life coach for about three months in 2010. She helped me re-define my life’s path in many positive ways.

Donna has a unique way of listening and communicating that helps you arrive at your own conclusions. Her voice is both comforting and directive. She has led me through many spiritual meditations. I would recommend her services as a life coach to friends and family without hesitation.

quotes I have had the pleasure of having been introduced to Donna as a Life Coach during the summer months of 2010.

At the time I was going through many life transitions, a legal separation, Divorce, selling and buying a house. Not to mention, relationship issues. Donna coached, guided, and gave me inspirational support during this time. She has a calm, reassuring way about her. Her voice during our sessions soothed me as she has such a calm and almost angel like voice. She helped me steer my direction that I wanted to go with amazing results. I am in my new home, which she helped me realize. I now have a clearer idea of what direction I am going in my life with work, home, relationships etc. I would highly recommend Donna as a Life Coach.